Sunday Spotlight: SNHUstock

SNHUstock Shirts

Date of Event: April 23, 2016

It’s always a fun time when SNHUstock rolls around at the end of Spring Week every year. SNHUstock is an annual outdoor music festival put on by CAPE. The music, activities, and free food provide a day of fun for volunteers and participants alike. Although SNHUstock is not usually advertised outside of the school, it’s not uncommon to have alumni and family/friends of students come attend SNHUstock for the day.  Continue reading

A Time Slot Based Activities Council

After attending two NACA conferences these past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about how other schools have organized their activities boards. A popular model that I’ve noticed is an activities board that is organized around different “chairs” or “directors” that are in charge of a specific type of entertainment. There will be a director for movie screenings, a director of musicians/concerts, a director for comedy, for lectures, and so on.

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Low Student Turnout

No matter how hard we may try, there will always be that section of the student population who is not interested in participating in events put on by the campus activities board or the student activities office. Most students that I know are involved in at least one club, but is always frustrating when we provide performers that cost thousands of dollars, yet less than twenty students attend the event. On a campus of 3,000+ resident students, how is it that so few students attend events?

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